Making Every Job Count…

First off I assume it is best to introduce myself to distinguish myself amongst the other fascinating and incredibly talented bloggers/interns featured here. My name is Emily Roseman and I am a Senior in the School of Communication at American University. My four years at AU have challenged me academically, but also professionally and that is something I always credit to the program I am enrolled in, but also my sense of determination to never give up. Since my first day as a Freshman, I have interned  or worked at  some of the most incredible offices around the world. Freshman year I was an intern at BBC World News in DC , Sophomore year brought the great honor of being selected as a White House Intern, my summer leading into Junior year I worked in the editing department at MSNBC in New York City, my spring semester of Junior  year I traveled abroad to London where I was able to intern as a production assistant at Purple Flame Media a documentary film company, and now my last year at AU, I have had the great honor of being selected as one of the students for the Dean’s Internships in SOC and intern at USA TODAY’s video editing department. SO enough about where I used to work…and onto what I can impart onto my fellow classmates as a seasoned veteran of the intern world.

Being a bit of a professional in the world of interning, truth be told I was weary at first to enter myself to be selected as a Dean’s Intern. To be considered the best of the best in SOC is an honor in itself, but to take on now my fifth internship while at school on top of a heavy courseload for my last year was something I needed to seriously consider. Speaking openly with my family as well as professors that I have maintained lasting relationships is what prepared me to move on to truly want this final internship. I realized the benefits of gaining experience and exposure to a truly phenomonal team such as the video department at USA TODAY is what would set my resume apart from others, as well as give me the comptetative edge I truly needed.

It has been at least six weeks since my first day at USA TODAY and I have already had two by-lines as editor for videos that I completely edited from start to finish. They have been featured on the USA TODAY website, as well as have a contributing article on the front page of the national paper. Aside from the excitement and utter pride in having my name finally attributed to work on a national scale, the feeling of making my deadline and working closely with collegues to make the best of my time while interning, is what has made my internship succesful thus far. At USA TODAY, my experience can be seen as different because I am able to work side by side with the members of the video department with the ability to have an open experience and contribute where I see fit. I attend weekly meetings, I am able to give advice to new hires who are just learning to edit video, and I am establishing relationships with seasoned video editors and ask openly for advice and seek help along the way.

I have already learned a great deal from my work that has been featured, to being comfortable when asking for more work when things seem stagnant in the office. Perhaps the best advice I can give at this moment in time however, is not to be intimidated. Big brand name programs or offices can be scary to apply to, or can just be all shock and awe at first…but I love to tell prospective students when I give tours as an SOC Ambassador or just classmates that I am living proof to the notion that no job is too big or too small. Never let anyone tell you that you are not fit just because of your age or year in school, simply take that as a challenge and show them what you can do to better their company. With every application, every essay, or every assignment in the work place, take that as a personal challenge to prove yourself that you deserve the best and are going places in the world!

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