FPA U’s Expansion to New Cities

As I mentioned in my first blog post, before I interned with the Foreign Policy Association University (FPA U) this summer, I served as an FPA U Student Ambassador (SA) on campus. As an SA, I helped promote FPA U’s seminars to the AU community. This past spring, the SA program was helpful since it was the first time that FPA U offered its career development seminars in Washington, D.C. As exciting as expanding to a new city can be, it is a lot of work to establish new connections and promote a new program in an unfamiliar area. Despite this challenge, the FPA U seminars were a great success in D.C.

Due to the positive response in D.C., the FPA U program is expanding this fall. In addition to NYC and D.C., FPA U seminars will be offered in Boston for the first time. Throughout this summer, I have worked with the FPA U Program Manager on researching potential venues as well as developing a marketing strategy in preparation for the fall seminars. Since FPA does not have a strong presence in the Boston area, we’ve had to establish new relationships from scratch. From looking up university contacts to non-profit organizations and researching event calendars to networking groups, we’ve tried our best to look up all possible advertising avenues.

Although there are more limited resources in Boston for people interested in international affairs compared to NYC and D.C., there is still strong interest from Bostonians. Not only do local universities such as Tufts and BU have excellent international affairs programs, but there are also active networking groups such as Boston International.

Last week, we finalized our Fall 2011 schedule and opened up registration on our website. Within a few days, we had quite a few registrations for the Boston seminars. Although we will have to put in an extra effort on marketing in the Boston area, we’re excited to offer our programs there for the first time, especially since we have not found a similar organization that offers these types of career seminars.

On a side note, if you’re in the NYC, D.C., or Boston area this fall, check out FPA U’s Fall 2011 schedule! Beginning in October, we are offering the following career seminars:

All FPA U registrants qualify for a 75% discount for a one-year Young Professional membership with the Foreign Policy Association.

For more information, please visit our website.