A Weekend in Tweets

I have one word to sum up the annual meeting conference this weekend: Wow. But that one word doesn’t even begin to cover my weekend of successes, triumphs and ah-ha moments. Needless to say I am exhausted, inspired, and at the end of the day, giving up my weekend for work was completely 100% worth it. [Many of my friends are shocked by this. I think I’m lucky to have found a job I really care about.] So, since I am too tired to write about everything at the moment, I’ve decided to list my twitter posts from the weekend instead.

Speech from YSA’s Steve Culbertson on service as a tool to empower youth:

“We don’t have a system that engages people with reality. It’s on the test. The test doesn’t connect with reality.” –@culbs #NYRAam


“Main reason kids drop out of school: it doesn’t solve their social, family, or economic problems.” – @culbs #NYRAam


“You need to get someone younger involved and give them a chance to contribute” –@culbs #NYRAam


“The average low income kid in america hears 25% of the words the average middle/upper class american hears” – @culbs #NYRAam


@culbs: “If you don’t have a youth strategy, you don’t have a strategy” #NYRAam


Mary Beth Tinker:


“We were really excited when our case made it to the supreme court” – Mary Beth Tinker #NYRAam


This makes me want to work for the ACLU. #NYRAam


Mary Beth Tinker talking about her decision to wear black armbands to school. #NYRAam


Mary Beth Tinker speaking about her parents involvement in the civil rights movement. #NYRAam


Ben Franklin was a homeless teenage runaway. – Mary Beth Tinker #NYRAam


“Rights are like muscles. If you don’t use them, you lose them” – Mary Beth Tinker #NYRAam


Chris Hardy, NYRA Chapter Leader and creator of a high school student defense program:


“School administrators need someone to tell them no.” – Chris Hardy #NYRAam
Political Party Debate on Youth Rights:

Libertarians had a 14 year old candidate for national chair. #NYRAam

Behavior Modification Industry Panel:
“When they were short on staff they would put an ad in the paper and hire whoever came in that day” #NYRAam #BehaviorModificationIndustry

“I can’t name a high school class in America that has 15% of the class commit suicide after the graduate.” #NYRAam.#BehaviorModification

“Straight didn’t put the gun to my brother’s head, but they definitely contributed to his death” #NYRAam #BehaviorModificationIndustry

“Every day I was there I thought I was going to be killed” #NYRAam #BehaviorModificationIndustry
United Teen Equality Center from Massachusetts:
@vote17lowell is awesome!!!
Research Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein’s Keynote Speech:

Harsher penalties and fewer constitutional rights in the juvenile justice system. #NYRAam #KeynoteSpeech

70 year old brain size = 3 year old brain size. #NYRAam #KeynoteSpeech

Today there are 140 laws restricting teen behavior. In the early 1800s there were zero. #NYRAam #KeynoteSpeech #RobertEpstein
“Adolescence didn’t exist until 1904.” – Robert Epstein #NYRAam #KeynoteSpeech

“We isolate teens from adults.” – Robert Epstein #NYRAam #KeynoteSpeech

Dr. Epstein giving his keynote speech. #NYRAam