Grants grants grants grants grants?

Seeing as I am in my last 2 weeks at YAPI, it seems an inopportune time to begin a large undertaking such as the grants process. My boss has tasked me with searching out all grant possibilities that deal with anything youth related. Seeing the initial 40 page document he sent me with past grants was daunting. I feel that in my last couple weeks I should be winding down but it appears he wants it to be winding up.

The research I am doing today is to look at all the grants YAPI has ever processed or researched on and find new grants that we can apply for. There is no number in mind, just to find as many as I can. I keep questioning the logic but I guess I must look at this internship as part of a larger wheel and the work I do here will help push the organization further toward a complete goal down the line.

I have been overwhelmed by this task to find funders. In part because I hate dealing with funding and also because it is the most daunting and time consuming task. If this were the start of my internship then I would say OK, but I have 2 weeks to go… I am not sure what I can even accomplish in this short time. I will just keep my head up and keep working.