T-Minus 3 Weeks and Counting

With our Annual Meeting fast approaching at the end of this month, things have been pretty crazy over at the National Youth Rights Association. I’ve had my hands full with sponsorship follow-ups, inviting organizations to attend the meeting, and contacting attendees about their travel plans. Here’s a re-cap of some of my exciting experiences/victories over the past few weeks:

1. You may have heard of the court case Tinker v Des Moines? Well, Mary Beth Tinker came into the office to meet up with our executive director alex koroknay-palicz for lunch. I got to meet her and talk with her for a bit! She’s very supportive of the work we do at NYRA, so supportive in fact that she agreed to speak at our annual meeting later this month. If you’re as much of a law nerd as I am, you can see her speak at the University of Maryland during our annual meeting! Registration is free ūüôā

2. A reporter from ABC News came to the office to interview Executive Director Alex Koroknay-Palicz about a proposed law in Montgomery County Maryland to implement a curfew prohibiting anyone under 18 from being out past 11 pm. It’s very exciting to finally be part of the action (my work this summer has made me very familiar with our past press coverage). Alex and Dave sent an e-mail to the city council explaining why¬†youth curfews are ineffective and had me do the research to find the e-mails of all the city council members.










3. I have lots of success to report when it comes to sponsorships for our annual meeting! So far, four locations including Domino’s have agreed to give a 10% discount to our members, and Noodles has agreed to provide us with free food for 25 people. I absolutely love Noodles, so I’m really excited about that!

4. Last month at the¬†Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference, I told two representatives from the American Library Association about our Annual Meeting and tried to get them interested in tabling. As of today, they’re¬†officially¬†paying to co-sponsor the event! This just goes to show, if you maximize every opportunity you’re presented with, it will pay off.

5. We’ve officially announced the schedule for our annual meeting! And yes, the document design, font choice, and formatting was all done by yours truly.