3 weeks to go!

My internship so far has been great! I have learned a lot about the youth field from my research and how I can potentially fit into it. However, seeing as I have only 3 weeks left, the feeling of it being over is bittersweet. On the one hand, I have made many new connections and friends and pushed the research to include topics I love. And on the other hand, I never like saying goodbye to a project before it is completely finished.

When I leave YAPI, I would like to look back and see that I have made an impact. I hope my boss at least sees it that way. If there is one thing that I have learned so far, it is that breaking into this field is tough and I need to spend a lot more time focusing on creating that bridge.

Today I have been finishing my research on the Youth Conference. We have a final list of participants, their bios and contact info, etc. Now I am waiting on the final protocols to start planning the initial phases of the conference. The bittersweet aspect is that I will not be around in the US during the time this conference will take place. That makes me very sad. I have learned much here and seeing my past weeks work makes me feel this project will continue into the future. Perhaps when I return from Cairo I can continue to work with YAPI to build on the foundations I have created this summer. I know that I will be a continued benefit to YAPI seeing as it is a small organization with limited staff. When I return from Cairo, I will have to play it by ear.