A part of the team, but not really

It has been over a week since I posted. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I accepted a babysitting job to supplement my living costs here in DC. As all unpaid interns know, it can be very, very, very nerve-wracking to not have a steady source of income, but be spending money everyday on metro, food etc. So far, I have been watching the kids for a week. Since I’ve gotten my first paycheck, it is abundantly clear why I took this job. It feels great to have an income again. However, all is not well with the union of part-time work and unpaid internship.

I am beginning to feel the stress of leaving work everyday three hours early. My fellow interns and I had been very very close, not to mention with other coworkers. We went out to Jazz in the Park together, our company softball game was almost a must-attend, we are even planning on attending a Nats Game together to get some inspiration for what not to do at our games. Now that I leave early every day from work, I miss the getting ready for the games and the plans to see each other that weekend. As much as we can text, it’s not the same as making the plans together. It will continue to take a more conscious effort to make sure that we remain close again.

On a whole other level, there is an element of work that I have started to miss. As it turns out, a lot happens in the world after 3 pm. I feel like there is a large part of my work that I am missing out on by taking on this part time job. While my boss and other coworkers and interns vow that I am not, I can’t help feeling that I am missing out on the sense of comrade-re that I felt so strongly when I first arrived. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the last 5 weeks of my internship. I hope that this will even out and I can find that same sense of togetherness soon.