Sewing the Seeds of Peace

Hello! I’m Ali, and I’m new to this whole blogging thing. However, I have an amazing opportunity to be in the West Bank this summer, and since I am keeping a journal of my experiences anyway, I have volunteered to share my internship via blog. I am studying IPCR, and I hope to work with an NGO that focuses of community-based initiatives, dialogue, and relational transformation as a means of building peace in conflict settings.┬áDuring my studies, I came across Seeds of Peace, a wonderful organization that organizes summer camps for youth from conflict areas, brings them together, and holds dialogues and teaches alternative dispute resolution and leadership skills. The hope is that these kids will return to their countries and eventually become the leaders employing the skills they learned to bring change to their country. I had the opportunity to intern with Seeds of Peace in Ramallah, so I jumped on it. Over the summer, I am working on the programming for the preparatiuon for the international camp preparation in Maine (the organization’s biggest, annual event) and the multinational camp occurring in Jordan, which will bring together delegations of youth from Israel, Palestine, the U.S., Egypt, and Jordan for a week-long seminar on “people power” and change. I hope that the experience will teach me about the realities of planning and implementing peacebuilding programs, as well as reveal the struggles of life in a conflict situation. Quick note: I apologize for begining so late into the summer; I have discovered that my internet is rather unreliable. So please forgive the multiple posts about different days that will all appear today while I have a chance! Happy reading!