Kids (and kids at heart) Love LEGOS

Wednesday was my first day at the National Building Museum and working in the LEGO exhibit. Working at the National Building Museum is great. It was so busy and all the employees seemed to love what they were doing. The LEGO exhibit, where I’ll be working, is wonderful. The room is beautiful, the famous buildings built of LEGOS are great, and the LEGO “play area” is SO FUN! And let me tell you… people go CRAZY over LEGOS.

Seeing how excited the kids are about LEGOS, and adults as well, is pretty cool. It’s by far one of the NBM’s most popular exhibits and if you ever go, you would definitely see why. In the first section of the exhibit, there are 15 famous buildings made completely from LEGOS by a Chicagoan named Adam Reed Tucker. Taking a lot of influence from his own city, there are a good handful of buildings from the beautiful Chicago skyline. Also included is the Empire State Building, a World Trade Center tower, and other amazing pieces.

The next section is the one that LEGO fanatics get pretty pumped about. We have a LEGO builders paradise with tables and chairs in front of wells and wells of different kinds of LEGOS. They encourage guests to build some sort of building and then place it on a great big imaginary town map they have in the center of the room. Some people really go all out and it’s always cute to see the creations that kids come up with. The saddest part of the day is when we have to deconstruct ¬†all the buildings on the map except for our favorites which stay up for the next day. Here are a couple of the ones chosen to remain for the kids to see the next morning: