One week down.

When I decided to pursue a dual degree, not a double major, in Marketing and Film I wasn’t exactly sure how they would come together. After I interviewed with The Advertising Council, I saw a glimmer of hope. While The Ad Council doesn’t actually make any of the ads they produce, an understanding of what creative techniques appeals to a target audience is a huge help in the field of public service advertising.

I just finished my first week and I can already see how my film background is helping me in a role that’s primarily about advertising campaign management. I was lucky enough to come to The Ad Council, who is responsible for national campaigns like Smokey the Bear, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, and “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”, as the two campaigns I’m going to be working most closely are in a very fun place. The two campaigns, Youth Reckless Driving and Financial Literacy, are both just coming out of their creative phases and communications checks. What this means is that I’m looking at incredibly interesting information about what messages appeal best to our target audience.

One of the campaigns I'm working on

My good friend Mr. Benjamin Bankes


Being able to blend the two topics i’m most interested in together on two campaigns that are relevant to me is simply awesome, but it’s also humbling to be with working a group of people so driven to the mission of public service advertising. The Ad Council permeates radio, television, bus stops, and more. The campaigns I’m working on I grew up with. To be a part of the process to create these advertisements is like a tornado. While I’m sure I’ll go into it more in future blog posts, The Ad Council works in a totally unique way and therefore has a process that no college can prepare you for. I’ve had to be a sponge so far, constantly writing down notes and scratching down every single acronym I don’t understand (there are a lot). I’m incredibly honored to be here and am extremely lucky that everything is so stimulating, relevant, and culturally significant.

In short, I had an amazing first week. There’s so much that I’ve done in those five days that I yearned all year to do at my past internships. I can’t wait to update everyone more and continue to share with you!