A Baseball Card Introduction

All (two) women in my life knew what company they wanted to work for. They established a goal, educated themselves, and worked to get to it. Currently, both are where they want to be.

I am the opposite. I have no shining corporation on the (metaphorical) hill that I want to join. I think that makes me somewhat like the person I imagine reading this post. I’ve got professional interests – communication and marketing – and I’ve got a strong sense of who I am. It’s sort of a flowchart for life.

Setting distinct career goals is probably the smarter career move. My posts will focus on the opposite. They will focus on what is happening now, ie the stuff that I have to learn to become a functioning human. My goal is to help you prepare for internships (or adjust to them if you already have one). But not in the ‘Network! Wear a tie! Be diligent!’ way. More like ‘think about this if you don’t want to make yourself miserable in your new lifestyle’.

Because being an intern is a lifestyle change above all else.

Last, here’s some basic information about me. This stuff is generally boring, so I’ve put it in exciting baseball card format! Click to make it readable. Credit: Paint, my steady hand.