What’s next?

Finals are over, but life is not. My internship and classroom experience this semester has taught me a lot about myself and the journalism industry. I desire more internship experiences in a variety of environments. I guess I’m a senior now, so my time is limited. I’ll be in Australia (University of Melbourne) this fall and I plan to pursuit an internship or part-time job in the communications/media industry (20 hour limit, of course).

I haven’t completed my time at WAMU and will probably not finish until the end of May. There’s still a lot that I have to learn and I’m only going to learn by experiencing.

I hope that what I’ve accomplished and experienced thus far allows me to create the change that I want to see in the world — or in someone’s life — through the stories I tell. If it wasn’t for this semester, I might still be wandering around to figure out what my next career move should be.

Now, here I am.