Fun Facts

Last week at The Hatcher Group, I spent a majority of my time making lists. As I’ve said in previous posts, Excel has become my best friend and came in handy when I made media lists for multiple projects last week.

One of the major projects I was working on was doing media outreach for a documentary that one of our clients is putting out in time for Earth Day. The documentary is called “Olmsted and America’s Urban Parks” and is a one-hour documentary about the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted and his dedication to urban parks and spaces for the nation’s city dwellers. Olmsted designed New York City’s Central Park, the National Zoo, Rock Creek Park, and helped to design the U.S. Capitol grounds. He consulted on many other urban spaces including Golden Gate Park, Niagara Falls reservation and many others. In addition, Olmsted designed and landscaped many college campuses and universities in the U.S. including Yale, Princeton, Cornell, UMass, Harvard, University of Chicago, and American University!


For this project I was in charge of creating a national media lists for entertainment and movie critics in all of the cities that the documentary was going to be aired in on television. I also had to send out over 20 DVDs to critics around the country in hopes to gain media attention around the documentary.


This was a fun project because it was different from other projects I have recently been working on. I definitely like to do lots of different things so I don’t get bored, and that is one of the things I love about working at the Hatcher Group.


It was also fun to learn something new! I really knew nothing about Olmsted, but I realized what an important legacy he left in America. Coming from a small town in Connecticut filled with parks and green spaces, I know how much I would miss them living in the city. Fortunately enough, and thanks to Olmsted, we have those spaces in D.C. and in other cities across the country. Also learned a fun fact about AU! And being the geek that I am, I’m always looking for new, fun, useless facts for when I’m on Jeopardy one day! 😉