All of the Possibilites

Mayor Gray, along with 40 other individuals, was arrested yesterday (Monday) for protesting on Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC. On the scene, WAMU had a reporter covering the events for the radio. The story was published on the radio,  via print online, and the reporter ended up on television.

I realized that the possibilities are endless as I watched Patrick Madden, WAMU’s investigative reporter, on NewsTalk. There he sat, sitting next to Mark Seagraves — WTOP’s Investigative Reporting Producer, discussing the situation with Mayor Gray.

I’m familiar with Patrick as a go-to reporter that is always on the job.  He also sparked my interest in investigative journalism when he requested that I help him with a job a few weeks ago (blog).  A print article is written for the website, along with video footage, and audio broadcasting for the radio. He is a radio reporter, but he ended up on TV because he was ready — at the time of the incident, in his career, and in his mind.

It dawned on me that only the best of the best would be granted this opportunity, but the fact that it’s available shows that it can happen. All it takes it the right motivation, time and place, and belief. This taught me that regardless of whether I choose to go into radio or television broadcasting, the opportunity can be there to appear in both. I think I’m almost ready.