Who Knew This Would Be Useful?

I intern at a communications/media+public relations firm. I am not a communications student in the least bit, nor am I too interested in the field. I intern here because they are working on a campaign in support of Alta Gracia union-made, living wage apparel. Labor Rights is my prime interest.

So it makes sense when I was super surprised when I ended up using one of the skills I learned interning here in a recent organizing campaign at campus. I’m sure many people heard about the controversy surrounding the grant that the university refused to sign that would have gave the university $300,000 in federal funds for sexual assault educational programs and resources for victims of sexual violence. As soon as I heard about this, I immediately plugged into the committee that was planning the student response to the University’s reactions and put some of my organizing experience to use.

Then, on Wednesday when I was making quarter-sheet fliers for the rally the next day, I thought to myself, “Did anyone send out a press release?” The answer was no, so I sat down and wrote up an official-looking formal press release to send out to some of the local media outlets. I sent it to the Post, The Citypaper, The Current (Local NW newspaper), the local NBC, Fox and CBS stations, as well as WAMU 88.5. I made sure to follow up with all of these media outlets after I sent the press releases and the next morning before the rally. There were already articles out on TBD, the online affiliate of the local ABC station, so I didn’t send a release to them.

A Cameraman that shoots for NBC, Fox and CBS showed up to the rally (although he missed the big part of the rally in the beginning), and I was interviewed! The footage did not air in the end, but I was excited that I was able to use a skill that I learned at my internship!!!

To see a lot of the coverage from the campaign, visit TBD writer Amanda Hess’s Blog at http://www.tbd.com/blogs/amanda-hess/