Busy In the City

What I’ve Been Up To:

As I gear up for the last stretch of the semester I find myself busy inside and outside of the classroom.  I have been at holaciudad.com long enough to understand my role well enough to create work for myself in addition to the work Laura gives me.

It’s exciting to be able to take on projects that really have an impact on the site (or at least on the local portions of the site). The series I am writing about free activities in D.C. is a great chance to learn more about D.C. and to write. Since my last post where I discussed the article I wrote on the Library of Congress I have written two other articles—one on the Cherry Blossom Festival and one on the Kennedy Center. We decided to publish the Cherry Blossom Festival article last week instead of the article on the Library of Congress because it was more time sensitive. The Library of Congress articles sits, waiting and ready, to be put on the site.

In addition to the series of “Free Activities in D.C.” I have been writing short articles (alerts really) about scholarships and other opportunities for young Latinos. I was surprised to learn how many resources there are for young Latinos, just as I have been excited to learn how many different events there are in D.C. I continue to be frustrated that despite the reach of the Internet there is no central place to go for all the resources for young Latinos or all the events in D.C. Instead, gather information for both topics requires looking at hundreds of organizations’ individual sites and trying to discover organizations that might offer resources or host events. As I look for events for the site calendar and think about places to gather information to help me write articles, I have come to hope that holaciudad.com might be able to become a central resource for Latinos in D.C.


As I continue to love my internship—because I like the atmosphere of the office, the projects I work on, and the learning I am doing—I still find myself thinking about the summer and next semester. I am sad to leave, but also glad that what I have done at the internship could be base for what I do in the future. It’s really exciting to see how much better my writing and vocabulary in Spanish are. Writing a page in Spanish used to take hours, but now I write several articles during the four-hour blocks I spend at my internship. While I still forget or don’t know how to say words in Spanish, I find that words I used to kind-of know I now know.

It’s not that everything about the internship is perfect, however the time and the freedom I have to shape what my work at holaciudad.com is has really given me the chance to explore topics that interest me.

I don’t even dread the portfolio and the project I have to for the “academic” part of my internship. I find myself feeling rather geeky that I am excited for the opportunity to further reflect on what I have done, what I have learned, and what I want to do next.

Working in a bilingual environment and looking at the community both on the national level (like I do when I look for scholarships) and on the local level (like I do when I look for events) is giving me insight into the complexities of issues relating to the Latino community (and any community). I look forward to the rest of my weeks at holaciudad.com and to finding out how what I’ve learned there will serve me in the future.