Learning about RFIs and the DEN

This week my supervisor and I worked on compiling everyone’s responses into a first formal draft of our latest RFI (Request for Information).  Since all RFIs and RFPs (Requests for Proposals) come in different formats, they can be time-consuming.  This specific one came in a multiple choice and short answer combination format, which at first seemed like it would be easier than our last RFP, but it seems to be much more difficult securing the exact answers for all the questions.  However, we hope to finish the first draft by tonight and start the second one tomorrow.

I also worked on drafting responses to the next RFP that we will be working on.  With so many schools requesting new technology, there are numerous RFPs being released every week.  Since they are very tedious, Discovery Education must only select those that its products fit best.  I really enjoy pulling the language from my RFP library to fit the responses to the school or district’s questions, because it is almost like putting a puzzle together.  The difficult part comes in when we share the document to other employees for edits and have to make sure that everyone’s edits are included in the final document.

This week in my informational meetings I met with several people from Domestic Distribution and learned about sales, marketing and the digital services they provide.  I also met with someone from the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) account management team and he gave me a presentation of the website and told me about all the exciting events they hold for teachers to come together and share their ideas.  To learn more about the DEN go to this website:  http://community.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm