Intern Fashion

So I am back at the office after a thrilling spring break in Fairbanks, AK visiting my bestest bestfriend, Laura.  We saw the northern lights and moose! 

The Aurora Borealis at its finest!

After a week in below freezing temperatures, I am really enjoying the DC weather, even though today is rainy and windy.  The change in temperature means that I can start wearing skirts to the office and it made me think about one of the least reported on but greatest cause of worry- what to wear to an internship. 

If you’ve never had an internship, it can be a little nerve wracking to figure out what to wear on the first day.  The Christmas before I started my first internship, I asked for business casual clothes so I could be ready.  You don’t really need to buy a whole new wardrobe, though.  Its totally acceptable to wear the same pair of pants twice a week and if you aren’t interning every day then you definitely don’t need to worry so much about having lots of original outfits. 

Here are some basic business casual clothes you could think about purchasing:

  • black/khaki dress pants
  • skirts that fall slightly above or below the knee
  • cardigans for chilly offices
  • a blazer for important meetings
  • button up dress shirts (I have gotten almost all of mine from thrift stores.  These can get to be expensive, but thrift stores usually have a wide selction and there is really no such thing as a trendy dress shirt so you won’t look dorky wearing one that’s secondhand.)
  • nice flats or sandals

Sometimes offices allow jeans on Fridays but NEVER wear shorts, unless you are specifically told that you can.  Typically, I wear dress pants, flats, a blouse and cardigan to work.  I like to keep it simple, professional and comfortable. 

Does anyone else have suggestions on what to wear to an internship? 

For more fashion tips, check out this blog: that my friends Kris and Morgan write.