Investigative Journalism


Is it for me?

I worked on a story with one of the reporters investigating a Washington, DC political figure. It was exciting to research in hopes of discovery, but there are certainly pros and cons that come with investigative journalism. It appears that journalism becomes the search for discovery, with hopes that there is some sort of transparency; and that is certainly one appealing trait of the field.

Pros: discovery, fulfill curiosity, research

Cons: Research, I don’t like not having answers

While it is a possibility, I would like to discover other fields of journalism that I can explore. I already know that I am interested in military investigative journalism, but everything needs coverage. Transparency and objectivity is noted as two of the most important characteristics of journalism, and I plan to accomplish both.

Unfortunately, I learned how hard it is to conduct an investigation as a journalist because you have to ethically use the resources that you can find. People aren’t always willing to interview, and if they do, sometimes they don’t tell the [whole] truth. I try  to keep in mind that keeping in contact with everyone I meet can help me in the future, just in case I decide to write a story about their field 🙂