Take Advantage of the Spring Break

So I have been MIA this past week from my internship – not due to sickness or the federal budget disagreements – but due to Spring Break! Yes, kids, enjoy it while you can: It is one of the few lasting things that I look forward to after years of undergrad, midterms and papers… Having to complete my exams and take-home assignments before taking off (for sunny Mexico), I was relieved and looking forward to a full week of nothing!

You can never really overestimate the power of doing nothing. Especially after a few all-nighters, way too much coffee and drafts upon drafts of mid-term papers. Spring break is the most valued vacation of the semester because it doesn’t straddle any holidays – unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks in the fall term. That way, students are free to choose exactly what they want to (or don’t want) to do.

This is one of the highly under-publicized benefits of being an intern! With only one more official spring break before I graduate (no plans of going to law school anytime), I figured that I had to take full advantage of the opportunity. Therefore, I moved my work schedule around and booked a flight with some good friends to sunny Puerto Vallarta.

I understand that every student is trying to get ahead and complete as much as possible as soon as possible. However, it is this key time to just breathe. Stop for a second and take a look around because you can never go back to being at this point in your academic career again. I know I sure regretted it after completing undergrad – my first ‘big kid’ job had only two weeks of vacation and I certainly didn’t have a full week off in the middle of spring.

So, as I said before, enjoy it! Do nothing! Relax and take advantage of this built-in sanity saver. I know I’m sure going to be missing it after May of 2012!