Working with the Sponsorships Team and Learning about “Intern Etiquette”

Although we just finished our most recent Request for Proposal (RFP), Discovery Education is always bustling with activity!  Besides organizing the RFP library this week, I assisted one of the account coordinators on the sponsorships team.  Since the “Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge” deadline is coming up, I was assigned to call participants and remind them about the deadline.  This contest encourages students k-12 to identify an environmental problem and create a solution.  The specific requirements are different for elementary, middle and high school.  To find out more about the challenge and the great prizes, you can visit this website:

I also had informational meetings with several people on the sponsorship team including one of the account directors, an account manager and the marketing coordinator.  I also met with the Director of Communications for Discovery Education.  They all were very friendly and had great advice for me as far as starting a career at Discovery Communications including continuing to network and offer my help to other divisions in DE.  Thus, I hope I will continue to work with them when I have down time between RFPs.

One of the other highlights from this week was a “Discover and Learn” meeting set up by the Campus Connect team.  The guest speaker was the VP of Domestic Distribution.  She gave us a presentation about “Intern Etiquette” which was quite entertaining and informative.  She reminded us that interns should always dress their best in order to impress their employers and people around them, be willing to learn and complete all activities with eagerness, always write thank you notes, and never show up for an interview without wearing a suit.