Looking Forward: Outcomes of the Mid-Semester Review

My mid-semester meeting was low-key and went well.  I will also continue to write educational articles and other articles Laure needs written, to pitch article ideas, to perform site upkeep, and to add events to the events calendar. However, I will also begin to write a series of articles (at least one a week) on free things to do in D.C.  Laura and I discussed the new project during the review, however when we outlined the internship we agreed that I would create a new element for holaciudad.com community page during March and April.

During the meeting I proposed several ideas for my project: a series describing legal processes such filing taxes, enrolling in school, buying a house, ect; a series profiling main organizations in the D.C. area that work with the Latino community; and finally a series telling about free activities to do in the D.C. area.

The first idea, describing legal processes, seemed too broad and difficult to narrow down. Further, holaciudad.com already provides information about things such as funding college and buying a car.

Though we decided I won’t do a series on organizations, I might write profiles on them  for existing pages of holaciudad.com. Also, the site will be launching a new page on citizenship an issue on which many of the organizations work.

I look forward to writing about free activities in the city because D.C. has many such opportunities, and as a college student I’m always interested in finding things that fit within my budget. One of the things that I like about D.C. is the many free events it has; however the trick is to find them because they are not always well advertised. Almost everyone knows about the Smithsonian museums, but fewer people realize that there are free film screenings, talks, and concerts offered by many of the organizations in D.C. By writing the series I will add to the original content of holaciudad.com and hopeful help encourage more people to use the site. I will also expand my knowledge of what D.C. has to offer.