Job Shadowing

This week at Discovery kept me extremely busy!  First, I was helping to finalize edits to Discovery Education’s most recent Request for Proposal (RFP).  This sometimes involves contacting multiple people in the department to get their approval on particular sections and find all the information needed.  Everyone who I worked with on this RFP was very organized and timely in helping me get the information I needed to completely my responsibilities.  Finalizing an RFP really is a team effort and DE employees definitely embody that work ethic.

Besides the RFP, I had multiple informational meetings with employees in different departments.  I had my 3 job shadow meetings that the Campus Connect Team set up.  Two were in scheduling, and one was in digital communications.  Scheduling involves a lot of using spreadsheets, comparing ratings and analyzing data, so I don’t really think it is the career for me.  Digital communications uses a lot of social media tools in new and creative ways, and it seemed more interesting.

I also had three other informational meetings, one with a marketing coordinator for DE, one with the VP of Professional Development for DE and one with the VP of Sponsorships for DE.  Learning about marketing was interesting, because it combines graphic designing and thinking about things from a business perspective.  Professional development (PD) is also an interesting division since all of the people selling and implemental PD tools come from an education background, as is usually required for them.   The VP is actually from my hometown in Pennsylvania, so it’s always nice to meet another face from the Lehigh Valley and reminisce.  She also gave me some great career advice.

Sponsorships also seems very interesting to me, since DE forms partnerships with several diverse companies to sponsor contests and fund programs for students.  One example of this is the Toyota Safe Teen Driving partnership.  This is also the division for which I helped judge the fishing and boating essays for elementary school students.  The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is trying to encourage kids and families to have more experiences with water activities and share them.  Overall, everyone at Discovery has been nothing but friendly in answering questions and offering advice to me.