Where Coursework and Real Work Intersect

So this semester, I am enrolled in a Non-Profit Management class at American. So far, it has covered the basics of creating the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, fundraising, the board and many, many other things! Although the topics change from week to week, there is one long-term project that our professor has us working on which will turn into a final paper: an organizational analysis of a successful non-profit organization. Lucky for me, I just so happen to work at one!!

First, our professor tasked us with interviewing three to four top-level officials within the organization: the CEO, members of the board, or the president. The objective is to find out (from a management point of view) how the organization works, what are its strengths and why it has been so successful.

Unfortunately for my classmates who were not currently working at a non-profit, this means finding one in the area (which isn’t that difficult) and contact them directly to set up interviews (which is more difficult). Fortunately for me, my boss said that I could utilize Third Way¬† as my successful organization.

Once again, I find myself in a unique position where my classwork and real work intersect. Just like last semester (where I had to write a Request for Proposal on the Sudan while I was gathering work experience at Fund for Peace), I am again able to use my internship to supplement my class work. This is why my experience within DC and at American has been so unique – it is a great location, with great opportunities in a learning environment that perfectly complements what the city has to offer. Although spring break is just around the corner, I can’t wait to get back to the job and dig deeper into the organization’s success in order to research more for the final product. Stay tuned…