Video: an Essential Skill to the Communications World

For the past few weeks at The Hatcher Group, I have been working on a video series for one of our clients, Gerald Winegrad who is a former Maryland State Senator and an activist for saving the Chesapeake Bay. He teamed up with numerous Bay advocates to develop a 25-step plan to save the bay that are on our website.

We had Gerald into our office a few weeks ago and video taped him answering questions about the Bay. I have been editing and creating separate videos from the shoot to put on our website. I also created a YouTube Channel where you can view all of the videos. I will also be creating a Vimeo Channel in the next few weeks.

Editing the videos has been fun, and it is new to the Hatcher Group—they never had an employee that could shoot, edit, and produce video interviews before, which I realize is a very important skill set to have if you are interested in pursuing a career in communications. Most of these skills I learned from working at the Washington Post. Although doing video work isn’t my favorite thing to do and I don’t see myself pursuing a career doing video work. I think that the Hatcher Group is interested in doing a lot more video work in the future for some of their clients because many of the non-profit organizations want to incorporate video into their websites to attract more attention. I would definitely advise anyone looking for a job in PR or communications to take some video classes—it will make you so much more valuable in the office and will set you apart from other applicants.

Next week I will be attending an event for one of our clients, The New America Foundation at the National Press Club. It was just confirmed that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be speaking. I will blog all about it next week!