Networking is the Key

This week at Discovery, I had informational meetings with two people in my department.  First I had a meeting with one of the managers for the partnerships/sponsorships section of Discovery Education (DE).  I networked with her, since I helped her judge the “Explore the Blue” essays.  She was very helpful in describing the role of the partnerships and sponsorships team.  Basically, DE partners with various companies (Siemens, 3M, etc.) to sponsor contests for students.  Some of the current ones include the 3M Young Scientists Challenge and the Siemens We Can Change the World contest.

I also had an informational meeting with the director of special events and marketing for DE.  She used to have an events team that reported to her, but since DE restructured, they have been moved over to the marketing side, so now she is solely in charge of most of Discovery Education events and the planning process.  She described some of the past events DE has done including one of her favorites, which was a virtual fieldtrip to the Seattle Aquarium with Philippe Cousteau.  She has also been at Discovery for 13 years, so it was very valuable to gain some insight from her about the world of events.

My supervisor and I also worked more on the RFP.  She edited my first draft, and we sat down together and discussed what edits needed to be made and other people in the department whom I should contact to find additional information.  After our meeting, I sat down and redrafted the document, using information from my RFP library.

This week I also went to an after-work networking event that was hosted by Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) and held at Discovery.  I was so nervous, but I arrived really early and just went up to the first two women I saw and started chatting.  They were both very nice and impressed that I had come on my own as an intern and mentioned that they both worked for Travel Channel.  After chatting for about 10 minutes, I realized that they were two of the VPs featured on the speed networking panel!  I also came to find out that one of the women even lives in my building which was such a funny coincidence! They were both very helpful and gave me their business cards.  All in all, it was a successful evening.