Onward and Upward


Last week my time at holaciudad.com was mainly spent on two articles for the education page of the website. The goal of the educational page is to provide resources for Latinos to continue their education as well as to highlight success stories.

The first article centered on three programs offered by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) that provide Hispanic youth educational opportunities. CHIC offers scholarships for students attending community college, a four-year university and graduate school. The institute also offers an internship program for undergraduate students and a fellowship program for graduate students.

Second, I researched and wrote an article about the sixteen interns at CHIC this semester. Three of the interns are from holaciudad.com markets, but all the interns have interesting stories and are great examples of successful young Latinos. I wrote a generic news story about the interns and also helped created localized stories using quotes from the three interns from our markets ( Fresno, El Paso and Orlando).

Also, the article I wrote on Section 287 (g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act is and how it is implemented was published.


I use internships to explore career paths, gain experience in the work force, learn new things and expand upon skills/knowledge I already have. So far, internships have helped me. From past internships I know that I am not interested in working for a small communication firm if my job in any way involves scrambling to find new clients and I also know that the government bureaucracy is too hierarchal for me. From holaciudad.com I am now confidant that pursuing Spanish as part of a career is something I want to do.