Here is a bit of wisdom if you ever want to get into organizing, especially internet-based campus organizing: Don’t be afraid of boredom.

Like I’ve said before, a lot of what I do for my internship is cold outreach to student groups and professors at colleges and universities across the country. I have emailed over 300 professors at more than 10 different campuses across the country. That is a lot of emails. Compiling that many email addresses takes a lot of time – and a lot of patience.

Luckily enough for me, I can sit down at my cubicle, pop my headphones in and just plug away emailing every sociology, gender studies, and latin american studies professor on these campuses. However, sometimes, no matter how great the music I am listening to is, I get bored. Ahh, boredom.

Its a good thing I have many different things I can work on. If cold outreach is getting tedious, I can work on the promotional video I am working on, or follow up on press releases we sent out recently.

I like to consider this practice for when I will inevitably have to do cold outreach on a larger scale sometime in my life. After all, patience is a virtue…