Busy, Busy, Busy…

At The Hatcher Group this semester, I will be working on a wide variety of projects and tasks for a number of different clients.

I will be shooting and editing some video interviews (similar to the work I did at the Washingtonpost.com). I will also be writing blog posts for client websites, pitching stories to the media about our clients, organizing and developing media lists for different projects, designing communications proposals to attract new clients, and attending events and hill briefings for our clients, to name a few.

Since I started working at the Hatcher Group right after the first of the year, there has never been a dull moment! My days have been packed with activities and tasks that are both challenging yet rewarding. It’s great being busy, though. There is nothing worse than a boring internship where you have very little, if anything to do! I have heard a lot of stories from friends that had internships where they just sat there all day. I am very lucky that this is not one of those internships.

One of the most difficult tasks I had so far was to draft a letter to the new members of Congress about one of our clients, FRAC (The Food Research and Action Center). I not only had to have excellent and effective writing skills to draft this memo, but I had to familiarize myself with the client because I knew very little about FRAC as an organization before I was given this task.

The Hatcher Group deals with over 100 clients, all of whom I didn’t know a lot about before I took this internship. Acquainting myself with some of these organizations has been somewhat challenging but also very interesting. I have learned so much about so many different non-profit organizations that do amazing things for people.

Before I took this job, I knew very little, if anything about federal and state tax credits for low-income families, now I can consider myself, in only a few short weeks, pretty knowledgeable about the subject. One of our main clients right now, especially in the height of tax season, is Tax Credits For Working Families. We manage their website by writing blog posts about current events, we post over 10 articles per day written by news organizations about tax credits, and we have a page dedicated to every state that lists all of the current legislation, news and updates about tax credits for working families.

Needless to say, I have been very busy during my time at the Hatcher Group so far. I work about 20 hours per week (usually a bit more) but it seems to go much faster than that!

In my next post I will talk about one of the other projects I am working on throughout the semester. A world away from ‘Tax Credits,’ the Chesapeake Bay Action Plan is an organization trying to save the Chesapeake Bay from its swift downward spiral. Stay tuned for more…