Interning at

About Me:

Internships are one of the main reasons I chose to come to American University (AU). Between studying in Washington, D.C. and the many resources at AU, internship opportunities seem endless. As a second semester junior, is my fifth internship.

I am a double major in Public Communication and Spanish Studies. I have always been told that if you can write well you can do anything. And to me that’s what studying communication is: a way to learn skills I can apply to any career I do. As for Spanish, since high school I have loved the language and been intrigued by the many cultures of Latin America and Spain.

In high school I studied abroad in Spain. The experience convinced me that Spanish is something I want to make part of my professional life. is my first internship where all my work is in Spanish, however all of my internships have been within the field of communication. Before interning at I interned for a start-up website, a small communication firm, an interest group and a government agency.

About is a website run by ZGS Communications, which is an affiliate of Telemundo and owns Spanish-language  radio and TV stations in nine markets in the United States. Each of the nine markets has its own portal.  While ZGS Communications is an American company, many of the people who contribute to its products are from other countries such as Mexico (where most of the news writers for are located) and Argentina (where the website engineers are located). is a Spanish language website that serves two purposes for each of its markets. First, it acts a source of news and provides information about the programming on ZGS’s radio and VT stations. Second, it supports the Latino community.

About My Internship:

All of my work is in Spanish. My main role as an intern is to support Laura, the content coordinated for for D.C. I scan local and national news as well as press releases so that I know what is  going on and to discover story ideas.

I add events to the calendar, write stories for the local page, and update content on the educational page of the website. In addition, I have been researching organizations in D.C. that work within the Latino community and will begin asking them to put on their media lists. Local organizations are important for because they act both as a source of local news and as a resource for those who use

While I am still settling into my position, I am excited because I have more responsibility than I have had at any of my previous internships. I look forward to learning as much as I can and doing good work as the semester continues.