In the city of networking, it all starts with a connection…

The first thing you will learn about working in D.C. is that connections and networking make all the difference. That’s how I landed my first internship at the Washington Post as a freshman, and that’s how I came across my current fellowship at The Hatcher Group.

Professor Stack, a public communications professor in American’s School of Communication is a big advocate of having guest speakers come into his classes to speak. Most of the speakers he brings to class are his former students who now have successful careers in the public relations field. The great thing about all of these guest speakers is that they all give great advice on a wide variety of opportunities in the PR and communications field from grant-writing and event planning to communications outreach and fund raising. And best of all, they leave contact information!

Early last semester, Professor Stack asked one of his former graduate students, Amy Battjer to come and talk with our class about her job at The Hatcher Group. She talked about her work helping to connect non-profit organizations who work on progressive policy issues with the media and policymakers. She talked about some of their clients who work on a variety of policy issues including criminal justice issues, education policy, environmental and energy issues, and economic development for low income families. As she explained more about her clients, I became more interested in the Hatcher Group. I never knew there was a place that combined both of my interests and majors–law and communications like the Hatcher Group did. I knew it was a place I could see myself in the future, and that’s what prompted me to reach out to her in November to discuss possible internship opportunities.

Amy returned my e-mail almost immediately, thrilled that I reached out to her. She passed my information along to the Vice President of the Hatcher Group and I had an interview set up a few weeks later.

I thought the interview went well, and I was hired a week later. Not only was I excited about the new opportunity to build my resume, but I also found out that it was a paid internship, technically called a fellowship (yes, they do exist!)

I hope that with this new internship, I will learn more about the communications field as a whole and how the Hatcher Group specifically connects with policymakers to advance change in the United States. I hope that throughout the semester I will build upon my writing and communications skills in a work environment. I also hope that I will work on some meaningful projects that help make a difference and that will help me build a portfolio for future job searches.

Visit the Hatcher Group’s Website to learn more about our clients and projects.