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  • Lauryn 3:39 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink  

    How my internship will impact my future career 

    Seeing that I am graduating in a couple of weeks, it is no secret that my career has been at the forefront of my mind. I always like interning  because it helps you know what you like and what you don’t like. I find that separating those thoughts is difficult because you think what you learn in class is how it is but in reality it may be totally different. For example when I was a freshmen I thought I wanted to do human rights work. I had a friend interning for a human rights office so I asked her what it was like. After that conversation, I was sure I was more interested in learning about human rights rather than working in that field.

    Interning at Brainfood has been a large step in the direction I want to go in for my future. I plan on becoming a dietitian, and working with youth and young adults to help them develop healthy life habits and teach them how to cook. Brainfood has given me the most useful skills because they do almost everything I want to do.

    What I did not know I would gain is a network of people who share my interests. I enjoy talking to the volunteers and staff I work with; learning about what they do and any advice they have for me. They are all so helpful especially since they know I am graduating and looking for a job they give me advice and tell me about opportunities.

    I hope that as I move from this point in my life to the next I will be able to sustain the relationships I have formed and take the skills I learned and build upon their foundation as I make my way through my career.


  • Anna Sutton 3:07 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink
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    Good news! 

    I’ve got some very exciting news!

    My internship, Ready for Hillary, has asked me to stay on next semester, which means that I will be interning with Ready for Hillary for a full year. I’m so excited to continue  learning from the organization, and to (hopefully) have a part in the election of the first female president.

    Hillary happy

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    Eagle Internship Fund 

    This semester I wouldn’t have financially been able to have an internship if it wasn’t for the Eagle Internship Fund given out by the Career Center. The fund gives $2,500 to financially eligible students to support AU’s students moving “ideas into action and action into service”.

    To be eligible you must also be eligible for the Pell grant, have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and have an unpaid internship secured with the government, a non-profit, or an international non-profit NGO. It’s up to you if you want to take the internship for academic credit or not. If you’re continuing an internship you can apply for future work, but your internship can’t be retroactively funded.

    All that you must do in return is attend a presentation on professional skills, answer two surveys on your progress, and complete your internship. I’ve put the link for eligibility requirements and application below, but if you have any questions let me know!





  • Anna Sutton 2:50 pm on April 23, 2014 Permalink
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    American University Global Scholars 

    Hey kiddos!

    Being a student at American means finding your place in the community, and for me a very important part of that has been a Global Scholar. Global Scholars is a three year program under the School of International Service that lets us graduate in three years instead of four. In our three years we are placed in a living/learning community together fist year, take World Politics and International Research together, and our senior year we can take a capstone class all together.

    Because we only have three years, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to have the same intern experience that other students have. However, looking at both my experience and my fellow GloSchos, I know that isn’t true. I’m in my second internship now and other student’s internships range from non-profits that bring textbooks to Africa to USAID.

    What I’m getting at is don’t be worried that you won’t have time for your dream internship. Just go for it!

  • ec3782a 7:05 pm on April 22, 2014 Permalink  

    Turning Your Internship Into A Real Job 

    As apart of my internship, I’m responsible for sending out a weekly update that includes interesting articles, fun videos, and relevant professional development information to all the other interns. During one of my first weeks at Grameen, I came across an article from The Huffington Post that I found very interesting—it was called 6 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Job.” Since it was only the beginning of my internship, I wasn’t too worried about turning it into a job. However, now that I’ve fallen in love with this organization I’m definitely thinking back to the advice in the article for help on coming back to GF in the future. Here are a few of the tips: (More …)

  • ec3782a 6:34 pm on April 22, 2014 Permalink  

    Your Turn! Want to Work with GF? 

    Interested in applying for an internship at Grameen Foundation? We are actually looking for interns for the summer so feel free to apply HERE by April 30th or contact me with questions. (More …)

  • Lauryn 5:30 pm on April 22, 2014 Permalink  

    “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” 

    -quote by William Penn

    My grandma has always told me to get my priorities straight. This piece of advice never helped me when I was stressed out and at the verge of crying. The good news is that was back in high school and since being in college I have taken her advice to heart and it has been the biggest help to me.

    I am the type of person that likes to be busy, so managing my time well is extremely important. I am a full time student with homework and papers, I have a work study job and my internship, I also write for this blog, and as a graduating senior I take time to apply to jobs. And did I mention I do not have a meal plan so I cook all my food, make time to exercise, and try to enjoy life by doing something fun on the weekend besides my homework? Well that’s my life, and I am able to balance all of it because I keep my priorities in check; and balancing starts with good planning.

    My favorite tools to juggle everything include my google calendar, a paper calendar from the Academic Support & Access Center, and a handwritten “to do” list. The google calendar I use to put my classes, work, and internship schedule in. This lets me know how much time I have during the week to do my homework, submit applications, or just have free time. The paper calendar I get at the beginning of each semester to write down when papers, quizzes, and tests will be so I can manage my time well throughout the semester. And last my to do list is a great daily and weekly tool I use to stay focused and prioritize my time.

    I often find that when I make a list of things I need to do I actually get things done, instead of walking around complaining about what I know I need to do and stressing over it. So when I have my list and schedule in front of me it is easy for me to choose to write my paper that is due the next day, instead of going out with my roommates to Georgetown cupcakes at the last minute. Seems pretty easy not but it has taken a lot of practice and the more I stick to putting my priorities first, the less stressed I am.

  • Lauryn 3:20 am on April 14, 2014 Permalink  

    The Things I’ve Done 

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for the late post. The weather this weekend has been so perfect that I have barely been on my computer. It was so refreshing to be outside in the sun. I ventured out into the city with some friends to see the cherry blossoms. Even though its our senior year none of us had gone to see the blossoms before. I will say one tip for those who have yet to go to see cherry blossoms at the tidal basin:

    1. Go in the morning.

    2. If you can’t wake up to go in the morning go during the week when there is probably less traffic of people.

    3. Go early when the blossoms are pink and not white.

    Cherry Blossom pic

    Back to the point of my blog that was supposed to be for yesterday, I wanted to start by giving the answers to the challenge questions I posed last week.

    Q: A mix of 1/2 onions, 1/4 carrots and 1/4 celery is what?

    A: A mirepoix

    Q: Name 3 components of a whole grain.

    A: The bran, germ, and endosperm

    Q: In a GARDEN WASTE ONLY compost bin, these three items should not be added, because they are harmful to worms

    A: Onions and onion peels, potatoes and potato peels, and citrus fruits

    I know in my last post I talked about some of my accomplishments. Today I want to talk about some of the work I have most recently completed and some blog posts I have written. I am usually asked to write a blog post every few months. They usually are about my experiences. I think if I could wrote another one it would be about the guest chef that came to our class last week and taught them how to make pasta from scratch.

    Other work that I do is to create the posters that we use for the lesson portions of class. My most recent poster was focusing on food access. I really enjoy my internship but I like it more when I get to incorporate things that  I enjoy learning about such as this.

    food access


    I don’t want to poor you with repetition so I will attach the link to our Bite of Brainfood Blog where you can read about what I and the other employees, interns, and students have been up to!

    Oh and enjoy the facts from my Food Access Poster

    Until next week!

  • ec3782a 6:37 pm on April 8, 2014 Permalink  

    Biggest Takeaway: Saving the World the Right Way 

    This information will be particularly relevant to anyone interested in the NGO or development fields. I was sort of thrown into this area myself and have been extremely immersed in it over the last few months. I’ve learned a great deal about a career field that I wasn’t previously aware of or interested in. This is my greatest takeaway that has been solidified by my experiences here at Grameen:

    Having passion and a good heart are important, but you need to have education, skills, and experience to really make an impact. (More …)

  • ec3782a 6:19 pm on April 8, 2014 Permalink  

    A Few of My Favorite Things…. 

    As you all know, I’ve been raving about how great Grameen is and how much I love this internship—but what’s so great about it? Here’s two of my favorite things about Grameen:

    1. Flexibility

    I’d have to say my absolute favorite thing about my internship is the flexibility. I like to describe my internship as “flubber-like” because my tasks and roles are constantly changing and morphing. Sometimes I’m doing one project in one area and the next day I’m helping support a different team with a whole different set of skills. I love this because it keeps things interesting and allows me to develop myself in a multitude of ways (as I talked about in my last post).  (More …)

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